Hildenbrant. architecture & drawings is a studio specialised in making architectural concepts and drawings. The drawings are intended to capture the meaning and experience of the place.

The studio was founded by architect Lex Hildenbrant and based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Personal note

'For me architecture is an objective search for harmony and beauty of space. I use drawings to show what beauty is already there and architecture to create harmony if necessary.

I like to understand the perspective from other disciplines and I enjoy working in different scales, styles and rules.

I have a special interest in the connection between architecture and nature. In my future work I will be more focused on this matter.

If you want to share your work or some of your ideas, please don't hesitate contacting me'


Lex Hildenbrant | 10~07~1981

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

T:+610260996 E: info@hildenbrant.com

KvK: 56391420