*Skyscraper body merge

Barclays Index | An unnatural growth

A body merge of buildings as an esthetic growth, shows the unhealthy correlation between construction of the next world's tallest buildings and an impending financial crisis.

Barclays' research shows that at times when the Dow Jones index goes down, the highest buildings of the world literally go up, as if the architectural landmarks of high finance capitalism unconsciously respond to an unfolding crisis in an attempt to capture, to make 'solid', what would otherwise melt ito thin air. The highest buildings of the world as such seem monumentalize capital at the very moment it disappears, hence forging a global 'monument to capital'.

A further iteration of the research was realized i the form of a sculptural billboard, i which the history of the highest buildinngs of the world are culminated into a singular construction.

a project by Jonas Staal

status | exhibition Venice IT 2016

up | skyscraper body merge

below |the Barclays Capital’s Skyscraper Index

down | Sculptural bilboard Venice IT 2016


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