*Kanaaldijk Eindhoven

'Postcard from the future'

A postcard of the future. From industrial port to an urban playground in the city center of eindhoven.

The place has the potential to grow into a, for Eindhoven, new type of place to stay in the city: an Urban Playground. A place close to the city center, but with the quality of water and long views. This also gives an additional reason in the field of cultural history (reducing cultural-historical significance of the Port Authority) and leisure (new urban activities).

Staying on the water is a new type of a square (green spot) that puts Eindhoven on the map on an international stage.

status | submitted to the municipality 2018

projectrole | reconstruction / atmospheric design | illustration

up | illustration Kanaaldijk Eindhoven

*commisioned by Tom van Tuijn Stedenbouw en FAAM Architects


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