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Projectdate: 2023 | 2024


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*The Alienation of Nature:

Are we becoming so estranged from trees and plants that we'll only be able to visit them in museums? Are trees and plants dying out, surviving only in protected spaces?

*Floating cubes adorned with greenery fill the air like a vertical forest, providing ample light, air, and space

Yona Friedman: “Imagine, Having Improvised Volumes ‘Floating’ In Space, Like Balloons”

Yona Friedman (architect) 1956

*In our environmental framework, nature, people, and animals are interconnected, fostering harmonious growth where hierarchy and collaboration intersect. This framework serves as a reminder of our collective participation in a larger whole, emphasizing the potential for coexistence and equality guided by the natural world. Additionally, the framework has the flexibility to expand and contract as needed.