*Winterswijk / Eersel

Projectdate: 2023

project by:  Tom van Tuijn Stedenbouw

projectrole:  Visualization

A residential neighborhood with ample green space, designed to foster a village-like "everyone knows each other" atmosphere. Through small-scale clusters with a communal gathering space (also known as a 'plaatse') and connecting pathways, encounters with neighbors are frequent. The neighborhood features a rich mix of housing types. Depending on the location, three distinct residential atmospheres emerge: The neighborhood streets: recognizable clusters in Eersel style that seamlessly integrate with the existing surroundings.

The sheltered courtyards: composite clusters with higher density surrounding an intimate courtyard.

The open verandas: playful and natural homes nestled in greenery.

(text by Tom van Tuijn Stedenbouw)


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*streetview entrance Winterswijk

*streetview sheltered courtyard

*streetview neighbourhood streets

*streetview open verandas